Voice-over is required when an audio in a particular language needs to be replaced with an audio in a different language. Mostly advertisements, corporate presentations, computer-based-training modules, online training, documentaries, movies, etc. require voice-over to enable use of these items in a different region or country with different language and culture. JR Services employs professional native voice-over artists that lend the most appropriate audio to your project.

Voice-over typically requires script of the audio, which then gets translated into a different language and voice-over artists in that language produces the audio recordings in a professional studio. JR Services team of integrated professionals undertake turnkey projects and include transcription of the audio to deliver the script which is translated by native professional translator into your desired language which the native professional voice-over artist selected by you uses to lend the audio voice-over to your project.

Our multimedia professionals integrate the voice-over seamlessly to your project to ensure that the end production matches the quality of your original product. This typically involves overlaying voice-over to match the time-code of the original audio.